About the company

TGC-11 is one of the largest territorial generating companies in the Siberian region of Russia. The major business line is the production of electricity and thermal energy.

TGC-11 started its operating activity in July 2005.

Nowadays it operates 3 thermal power stations in Omsk region.

The installed electric capacity of the сompany’s stations amounts 1520,2 MW and its installed thermal capacity amounts 3833,74 GCal/h.

Head office is located in Omsk. TGC-11 is included in Inter RAO Group, which is a diversified energy holding working in various segments of the electricity industry in Russia and abroad.

General Director

Chief executive officer: Vladislav Polochansky


Postal address: 10, Partizanskaya st., Omsk, Russian Federation, 644037
Phone: +7(3812) 944-759
Fax: +7(3812) 233-569
E-mail: tgk11@tgk11.com